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Dads In Distress

Dads In Distress is a support site for men in trauma over divorce or separation. The organisation deals with suicide threats and has 24-hour support lines for advice and counselling. Whether the pain of a relationship break-up, issues over child custody or domestic abuse, DIDS is there for all your needs.

Information sites about DNA testing services

Comprehensive information available if you are looking to use non-standard samples for hair dna testing such as in the case of paternity testing where using standard oral swabs is not possible.

World Health Organization – Philippines

Describes WHO activities in the Philippines including newborn health programs

Pinoy Parenting

An informative and useful website designed to answer frequently asked questions from new mothers.


An Act providing for benefits and privileges to solo parents and their children.

DNA Saves the day for family petitions :

A recent article on how DNA testing can help families.