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THB10,000 +7% VAT Home Paternity Test

EasyDNA Thailand offers Peace of Mind paternity test for a father and child. There are NO EXTRA FEES. This test can be carried out with samples from the alleged father and child only but inclusion of the mother’s sample is always recommended. EasyDNA Thailand guarantees absolute confidentiality with all DNA tests.

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Features of our Peace of Mind Paternity test.


At EasyDNA we test comprehensive genetic markers on the DNA samples analysed – which is the required international standard for paternity testing. This high number of markers tested helps to make the test highly conclusive. In the case of a paternity test, the alleged father will be included with a percentage of 99.99+% if all the genetic markers between the alleged father and child match. The exclusion rate of paternity will be 100%.

Easy sampling

The kit we provide has easily understood instructions together with the necessary swabs for sample taking. The kit will be sent out to you in an unmarked envelope within 24 hours of confirmation of payment.. Our DNA kit collection guide can provide you with more information prior to purchasing or carrying out the test.

Fast Result

At EasyDNA Thailand we understand that it is sometimes necessary to obtain your DNA test results as quickly as possible. Whilst we already offer a very competitive turnaround time of 7-8 working days on our tests, through our express DNA testingoption we can now also offer you the opportunity to obtain you DNA test results just 4-5 working days after the samples are received at the laboratory and registered into our system. Results will be sent to you by email unless otherwise requested (additional charges may apply).

Note: We can only guarantee standard result turnaround time when testing takes place solely using oral swab samples. Using a discreet sample for your test may lead to an increase in turnaround time.

We do not offer express testing if you choose to send a discreet sample. We can offer express testing only if you use mouth swabs.


Accreditation is your guarantee of the reliability and accuracy of the results of your test. At EasyDNA we guarantee that all testing is performed strictly by an ISO accredited laboratory. This means that all precedures must consistently follow strict guidelines as set by the accreditation standards. To find out more the benefits of using an accredited laboratory visit our Laboratory.


EasyDNA has a network of collection centers where clients’ can have their samples collected by a qualified specialist. The company you choose for this need to offer you constant technical support explaining every stage of the test to facilitate the whole process. Contact us via email, phone or Live Chat to discuss any questions you may have.