Keanu Reeves takes a Paternity test

Finally Hollywood star, Keanu Reeves, has consented to and taken the paternity DNA test which has excluded him as the father to a child by a woman who claimed to have been a childhood friend of Reeves.

Earlier in 2009, a Canadian woman demanded that Reeves acknowledge paternity to at least one of her four children and asked for retroactive spousal support amounting to around $3 million and retroactive child support of $150,000 per month.

Reeves’ attorney exhorted the ‘Matrix’ star to take the DNA paternity test which proved that 45-year old Reeves was not in fact father to the child.

The actor affirms that he has never met the woman in question.

A paternity DNA test has been making the headlines amongst the stars.  X-spice girl, Mel B has provided the scientific evidence of paternity as specifically required by her X-boyfriend Eddie Murphy.  Mel B has revealed the results of the DNA test live on TV.  Mick Jagger was also forced to concede to payments of the child he had with Brazilian supermodel, Luciana Morad.  The results of a DNA paternity test meant the Jagger was slapped with a whopping £10,000 to pay monthly till his child reached the age of 21.

Angela Ermakova launched a paternity suit against tennis player Boris Becker. The DNA test revealed that Becker was in fact father to the child they conceived together in a spiraling few minute romance in a broom closet in a restaurant in London.

Anna Nicole Smith’s boyfriend, Larry Birkhead, has filed a legal suit in order to claim his rights as the paternal father to their daughter.  The paternity DNA test he took did confirm his strong suspicions that he was the true biological father of their child.

All these cases and several others such as that involving Jude Law and Peter Ndlovu have been resolved thanks to the efficacy and accurateness of the paternity DNA tests which have become the standard method of determining paternity for both star and non-stars alike.